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Compassionate Specialty Infusion Care

Critical HealthCare Registered Nursing Services, P.C. is a licensed home healthcare agency specializing in high-tech infusion therapies.
 We staff national pharmacies with Infusion Nurses that specialize in the administration of high risk intravenous medications to chronically ill patients in their home, providing safe, high-quality services that the patient and their family deserve.
 Infusion care that is provided in the home can help promote better health and an improved quality of life. Our company and staff of healthcare professionals service patients in New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, and throughout area's of Pennsylvania.

Why are infusions performed at home?

 Until the 1980's, patients receiving infusion therapy had to remain in the inpatient setting for the duration of their therapy. Heightened emphasis on cost-containment in health care, as well as developments in the clinical administration...

What is a home infusion therapy provider?

An infusion therapy provider is most normally a "closed door", state-licensed pharmacy that specializes in provision of infusion therapies to patients in their homes or other alternate-sites.

 The infusion therapy always originates with a prescription order from a ...

Our Patient Care:
  • Patient intake and nursing assignments

  • Treatment and therapy verification

  • Therapy scheduling

  • Confirming the physician's plan of treatment (POT)

  • Documenting patient status

  • Providing progress reports

Founded in 2002, Critical HealthCare Registered Nursing Services was conceived and developed by two critical care registered nurses. Their motivation and conceptual design focused on the need to improve the quality of highly technical nursing services beyond the traditional hospital environment.

As a national nursing agency, Critical HealthCare is currently servicing approximately 850 patient visits per month. The agency has contracts with over 36 National Specialty Pharmacies across the country including CVS/Caremark, Walgreens and Aetna, with 80 nurses on staff in 6 states.

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