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At-Home Infusion Care

It is commonly accepted that the potential for patient progress and recovery are substantially improved when patients are surrounded by their native environment.
In this context, Critical HealthCare passionately vows to provide quality nursing services to a broad spectrum of patients within our expertise, experience and service skills.

Critical HealthCare is on a mission to provide compassionate, dedicated services to our home care clients. These services, provided with dignity and respect, are available to individuals of all ages regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, religion, age or disability.

Our Patient Care

Dedication and service are at the core of our organization. We incorporate compassion and empathy in conducting patient information gathering, assessment, planning, intervention, evaluation and education. Our agency manages and coordinates:

  • Patient intake and nursing assignments.

  • Treatment and therapy verification.

  • Therapy scheduling.

  • Confirming the physician’s plan of treatment (POT).

  • Documenting patient status.

  • Providing progress reports.

Our Staff

Pharmacy coordinators can rely upon our family of qualified nurses to service their patient base, ensuring an optimal and timely response to implementing medical treatment regimes. We invest in developing a highly skilled and versatile staff by providing ongoing educational opportunities for continued professional growth.

All professional registered nurses are licensed in the states they service. Many registered nurses possess licensure in multiple states, expanding the range of their service skills to accommodate patient needs across broader locations.

Critical HealthCare works in tandem with our nurses and contracted pharmacies to initiate a seamless process, for the most effective quality patient care.

Home Infusion Services

CHCRNS clinical nursing capabilities and skills enable us to provide services addressing a broad spectrum of therapies and treatment modalities associated with, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Autoimmune & neuromotor diseases – administration of immuneglobulin (e.g., IVIG/SQIgG) products, including HY-Q-VIA.

  • Hemophiliacs – administration of recombinant and other factors (e.g., rFactor VIII or rFactor IX).

  • Pulmonary hypertension (PH) – providing support in the administration of prostacyclin products to both private and public University Hospital PH Centers across the country.

  • Surgical post liver transplant patients – administration of hepatitis-B immuneglobulin (HBIG) products.

  • Administration of antibiotics and long-term management of patients with lyme disease.

  • Chemotherapy.

  • Enzyme replacement therapy.

  • Hereditary Angioedema (HAE)

  • Research & trial study infusion programs.

  • First infusion therapy dosing.

  • Pain management – ITB (Intrathecal Baclofen) therapy.

  • TPN, enteral & hydration solution therapies.

  • Growth hormone therapy.

  • Subcutaneous Hizentra® infusions.

  • Steroid therapy.

  • Severe congestive heart failure (CHF)/ heart transplant (Milrinone) therapy.

  • Infertility therapy.

  • Midline insertion & central line maintenance.

  • Educators for Hepatitis-C: injectable products.

  • Rituxan & Remicade Infusion Therapy

Our staff of highly specialized Nurses cares for the following access devices:

  • Peripheral IV’s

  • Midlines

  • PICCs

  • Tunneled and non-tunneled

  • central line catheters

  • Implanted ports

  • Implanted pumps

 Critical Health-Care Services, Registered Nurse Service


 We specialize in high-tech therapies in support of multiple acute, chronic and/or maintenance treatment modalities. IVIG infusion therapy is the cornerstone of our business. Immuneglobulin products are the primary treatment for a broad spectrum of autoimmune and neuromotor diseases. Research indicates the use of these products continues to expand into other diagnostic and treatment domains, many of which we are currently involved with.

                                     Geographical Coverage

We service multiple geographic regions including the tri-state
   New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania area

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