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Nursing Services

Critical HealthCare supports our caregiver staff by providing ongoing educational opportunities for continuing professional growth.
Education & Experience

All potential candidates for hire as a registered professional nurse must meet standards established by the specific state Nurse Practice Act (NPA) and the Department of Health (DOH) minimum requirements to service any patient within the domain of Critical HealthCare Registered Nursing Services Licensure.

This agency strictly adheres to the state codes, rules and regulations governing the nursing model requirements and experience essential for nursing services. A complete job description is located in the agency Manual on Policy and Procedures. A description may be obtained from the agency Human Resources (HR) department.

All applicants seeking a nursing position with the agency are subject to a complete and thorough back ground check including licensure verification, work experience and references. All candidates must demonstrate a high degree of competency in intravenous access and IV services utilizing standard industry devices.


Once a candidate has met the pre-hiring requirements, the agency schedules the nurse for essential training prior to servicing any patient.

The agency training program incorporates both a clinical and didactic component.

The clinical component requires the nurse to successfully start a peripheral IV and participate in the start-of-care procedures. The nurse must demonstrate competency in the specific treatment modality with appropriate patient interaction.

Within the scope of the didactic phase of training, the nurse is instructed on immunoglobulin (IgG) therapy, a major service provided by the agency. This portion of training consists of a series of lectures on the IgG molecular structure, infusion objective, characteristics, infusion cycle dosing, side effects, gravity feed and electronic pump applications.

Every new nurse is oriented and in-serviced at the agency facility and, is instructed on patient documentation requirements governed by the department of health (DOH) and specific agency documentation for patient charting and reimbursement.

Included in the orientation are important elements addressing HIPAA, patient rights, confidentiality, advanced directives, universal precautions among other factors within agency patient service objectives.

Specific electronic pump operation for the CURLIN and BODYGUARD pumps may be viewed on the following “youtube” sites.

                               “Youtube”  Click on curlin or bodyguard for the training video.

           CURLIN 6000 pump                 CURLIN 6000 Ambulatory Infusion System Training videos

           CADD-Solis pump                  CADD-Prizm pump                          IDF Web            IDF Guide

The Sexual Harassment Training video was prepared by the Secretary of Labor for the State of New York. Both the Governing Authority and all employees of CHCRNS are required to review the Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and Training. A copy of the agency policy and procedure document is available at your request.
An acknowledgement form must be signed and returned to the agency. Please return to
Questions may be directed to the administrator at 631-473-4036. 

All agency staff nurses are required to participate in annual in-service mandated by the state department of health (DOH).

Annual In-Service
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